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Limited Editions

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  • I colori più intensi li tingono le emozioni

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The Philosophy

The family firm is situated in Adro, the heart of Franciacorta. The vineyard, mostly Chardonnay and Pinot Noir, several clonal selections, ranges an area of ​​approximately 15 hectares. Franca Contea was founded in 1998, but has it’s shoulders generations of farmers. Luigi, Michele and Alessandra who together have embarked on this journey of growth, with seriousness and commitment, setting themself targets of high-level, aiming to product excellence through methods but the most 'natural as possible, starting from the land and taking in the work with the fruits that can give, using technology to enhance the terroir. The evolution of the art of enological art of Franca Contea begins immediately after grapes reach the cellar, where they are squashed down with an innovative vacuum press, between the first to use it, which operates in an inert environment and in depression, not pressure, so as to gently press the grapes and keep intact the perfumes; Franca Contea takes perseverance, courage and passion on his work, follows its grapes with care, accompanying throughout its journey, until the bottle is uncorked! Hence the choice of backgrounds, a provocation, perfumes, flavors and strong colors, a game to cause eye, nose, tongue, to convey emotions because in the Franca Contea’s wine puts above all... Passion and Feeling !!!

The Label

The broken label, characteristic of all our wines, symbolizes the past and the present, the tradition with technologies or better, the technology as an implement to bring back tradition; Franciacorta is a land which invites to live again the history of its sons, the culture which links the man to the land he was born and grown up in, marking out the path of the one who, rich in sensibility, wants to commit the uses and costumes of his ancestors leaving them, at the same time, sons of their era... This is the choice of Franca Contea, its labels and its logo, a Camuno graffiti which symbolizes the earth, the plough and the sun. This is because wine, for Franca Contea, is born from the sun and the earth and last but not least from man’s work. Adopting this symbols in one logo only means a way to give continuity to the gifted people from Lombardia. Symbols linked to the tradition to start a tradition.

Logo Franca Contea

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